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2022 New Scholars Research Grant Winners

January 26, 2023

We are happy to announce the winners of the 2022 New Scholars Research Grants.

They will present their research at the upcoming LRAN Conference. See conference info here.

Alejandra Quintero, M.A. student in Industrial & Labor Relations at Cornell University, "The Tale of Two Campaigns: Reflecting on Two Union Drives at a National Legal Service Provider.”

Carla Lima Aranzaes, Ph.D. Candidate in the School of HRLR, Michigan State University & Destiny Blackwell Skinner from C.A.U.S.E. Recruitment Committee, "Examining Worker-Led Organizing in the U.S. South: "Don't Quit. Organize!"

Dr. Ericka Wills, Assistant Professor at the School for Workers University of Wisconsin-Madison, "A History and Contemporary Guide for Establishing Inclusive Mining Union Auxiliaries.”

Jaylexia Clark, Ph.D. in Sociology at the University of Notre Dame, "The Covid-Impact: Analyzing the Economic and Health Impacts of Covid-19 on Work Conditions Within the Gig Economy Between 2019-2021."

David Thompson & Wade Rathke, representing ACORN International, United Labor Unions Local 100 &  Georgia State University MSW, "Surveying Working Conditions and Community Impacts of Atlanta-Area Dollar Stores."

Youbin Kang, Ph.D. Candidate in Sociology at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, “Solidarity and disenchantment: Varieties of public transit workers’ solidaristic labor actions in New York City and Seoul, 1970-2020.”

Congratulations to all the awardees!